Closing Up Shop

Dear Friends, While this has been so much fun reading and writing, I think that I actually have to renew payment of fees to use this how I’ve been using it. To be honest, I used a windfall of funds to support my dabbling here, so I really don’t want to do that again, not […]

Once Again

Here I go again, with not too much to say, let alone write here for the universe to read. Actually, that’s not true, as I’ve got good news! Tomorrow my husband and I will have been married for sixteen years. I can hardly believe it, because I’ve been so lonely in the past. Prior to […]


Today I’m thankful for the simple things of life, but I must admit that I’m not always the most appreciative. Sometimes I’m shitty to my very good friends, but it’s really nothing personal, I just struggle because of my chronic depression. And maybe also shitty life events. Please excuse my profanity, it’s just that I’ve […]

Nose to Nose

My dog and I have transcended space and time! You may remember that my primary life goal for living with my dog is to be able to touch her nose with my nose, without getting my face licked with doggie slobber. Finally, yesterday, we made the connection. I feel as if I have been blessed […]

Fed Up

Sometimes I get so fed up with WordPress because it is not easy for me to just log on and write a post. I feel like such a rube, and I have to outsmart myself every time I get to a place where I can write, and following the same path every time does not […]

Minor Abrasion

After telling you all about the recent fall off of the steps, I forgot to mention that it was faulty boots and lack of attention coupled with poor eyesight that made it all possible. I regret finding these cute ankle boots that are just so cute, but treacherous for not having a broad and balancing […]

The Fall

So what does one do when one falls, for real, in front of one’s parents? I chose to play it off as if it had never happened, as my parents drove back to their home. Of course my mother responded to the message I had left on their answering machine describing the accident, and she […]

The Scrambler

Although this post originally was going to be entitled, “Doggie Woes,” because of my questionable navigation skills, I opted for “The Scrambler.” My husband and I drove four hours to the beach, not bad, and were enjoying a lovely vacation until we continued to worry about our dog left at home with only visits from […]


Well, I know there is some hesitation about the vaccine that in so many cases has been a lifesaver, but I must let you know that I did certainly hop aboard that train myself. Honestly, I do feel somewhat a lot as if we are all in this together, and if what I do might […]


Well, my imaginary friends, I think I may have messed up my algorithms with this blog and my email and notifications and any sort of rational sense. I worked like all day today deleting and clearing out space, and otherwise trying to get my head back on straight, and now I’m just confused with not […]